makingbluedollars6000pxhiAs a contractor or building operator you are responsible for managing to a project-specific budget and getting value for your investment.

At Octant, we do not believe in the traditional building automation method of buying the first project and sticking you with high costs to maintain your system or add to it thereafter.  Whether a new project, change order or system expansion, you get the same pricing.

We know that you are looking for the best value, and Octant is committed to offering reliable, scalable and affordable solutions that you can actually budget.

As an Octant customer, you are furnished with a complete price list and get sent any additions and updates as changes are made.  Therefore, you are always kept up to date with your available options.

You will not see comparable quality, sophistication, ease of use and demonstrated long-term reliability at such low cost anywhere else in the building automation industry.