Sustainable Grower When you sign up with Octant, fill out our Indoor Horticulture Questionnaire and install Octant’s automation in your facility, we send you a marketing package that will allow you to show the world that your goal is to produce food or natural medicine sustainably.

While there are many programs that offer research and education for outdoor agricultural sustainability, we feel that the net effect of climate change will force more and more indoor agriculture upon us.  Also, we feel that the topic of sustainability with regard to medical marijuana has not yet been addressed at all

Sustainable Grower-FoodWhy is sustainability so important?

Energy usage in agriculture contributes to ever higher global energy prices.  Higher energy prices in general contribute to higher prices for food.

High energy usage by indoor marijuana growers will cause power grid issues in some places where it is grown.  Therefore, that industry has a natural incentive to keep energy usage as low as possible.

So, at Octant, we believe that your first step into the world as a sustainable grower should be to control energy usage.  Our solutions give you control over your energy usage while enhancing your yields.