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Octant simplifies HVAC automation.  A vital part of simplification is your ability to easily procure HVAC controls.  The typical way our industry works is for you to have to subcontract to a controls vendor if you are building a new building or working on a tenant improvement project.  That is because controls are installed by the controls sub in a way that makes it overly complicated and custom every time.

Octant’s approach changes everything.  We empower you to remain in control of your process, your time and your costs.

We believe that HVAC contractors are the best avenue for building owners when it comes to procuring and installing modern HVAC controls cost effectively.  We will show you how to do it yourself with our simple, standardized tool sets.

The Octant factory-engineered approach works best for those without much controls experience as a way to get quality projects installed and running during your training process.  We carefully select the manufacturers for whom we re-sell and service product offerings.  For example, our inetAUTOMATION™ line offers the sophistication you need along with the simplicity to want.  We also offer factory start-up to get you on your way with our help.

For those serviced by a controls distributor, you will work with our off-the-shelf Controls-In-A-Box line which is perfectly suited to control packaged units.  That line is available only via HVAC controls distributors.

No matter what your needs are, we offer you the safest way out of the traditional building automation maze.