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Affordable HVAC Automation Hardware & Software and HVAC Controls Retrofit in Seattle

We fix what others can't.

Octant simplifies HVCA automation.

A vital part of simplification is your ability to easily procure HVAC controls. The typical way our industry works is for you to have to subcontract to a controls vendor if you are building a new building or working on a tenant improvement project. That is because controls are installed by the controls sub in a way that makes it overly complicated and custom every time.

Octant’s approach to HVAC controls retrofit in Seattle changes everything. We empower you to remain in control of your process, your time and your costs.

HVAC controls in Seattle


Octant’s inetAUTOMATION™ sets the standard for high-quality USA and Canada-made products and software and HVAC controls retrofit in Seattle.

Easy to Install. Easily Configurable. Secure. Low Cost.

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