Have you heard the term “Smart Building” yet? If not, get used to the sound because the concept is becoming more and more popular! Smart buildings are buildings that are run through building automation systems. As a matter of fact, spending on smart building technology is expect to tripple by 2018. Today, we’ll talk a bit about what smart buildings are, how building automation systems help to maintain these buildings and what benefits of smart buildings are making the concept so incredibly popular.

What Are Smart Buildings?

As mentioned above, smart buildings are buildings with systems that are automatically maintained; known as building automation systems. In these buildings, no one ever has to touch a light switch or thermostat; these systems are all controlled centrally and efficiently run when, and only when, they are needed. Many smart buildings also have doors that automatically open, blinds that can be controlled through the central system, automated ventilation, and far more; making these buildings incredibly efficient and comfortable for their occupants.

How Building Automation Systems Help To Make This Happen

There simply wouldn’t be a smart building if there wasn’t building automation systems to run these buildings. Building automation systems are systems that centralize the control of the most important functions within a building. Programmed for efficiency, building automation systems are the systems that tell the lights to turn on, the doors to open, and the HVAC unit to start running. Essentially, building automation systems are the heart of any smart building; bringing life to the efficiency these buildings offer to their owners and occupants.

Why Are Smart Buildings Becoming So Popular?

As mentioned above, statistics show that the smart building industry is a rapidly growing one. As a matter of fact, it’s expected that spending on building automation technology will triple by the year 2018; but why is it so popular? What is it that has people so excited about smart buildings? Well, there are a few things…

  • Energy Costs – The primary reason that smart buildings are becoming more popular is that they help to reduce the cost of operating the building. Ultimately, when everything is automated and optimized for efficiency, systems that require energy only run when they are needed, no more, no less. As a result, less energy is used; leading to lower energy costs associated with running the building.
  • Lifespan Of Systems – Any building owner knows that there are costs associated with replacing building systems. Everything from light bulbs to air filters and entire HVAC units have a life span; and will eventually need to be replaced. Because smart buildings limit the amount of time and stress that is put on these systems, their lifespan grows; leading to lower cost maintenance of building systems.
  • Comfort – Finally, comfort of occupants is incredibly important to any business owner. After all, workers are more likely to be productive and consumers are more likely to spend more money in an environment that they deem to be comfortable. Because building automation systems help to allow smart buildings the ability to maintain a comfortable environment; not only does the building run more efficiently, but so too do its occupants.

Do You Have Any Questions?

If you have questions about building automation or smart buildings overall, please feel free to ask in the comments below.