Since 1997, the Octant inetAUTOMATION™ line of controllers and software has been installed (mostly in the Southwestern and Southeastern USA) and even the earliest installations are running today and fully up-to-date.

When you register on our site and request a questionnaire from us, we get the information we need to pre-configure your system. There are diagrams and tips and tricks along with step-by-step instructions for connecting the server to the controllers and landing the wires from the controllers to the equipment being controlled. You also have access to our technical support in case you need it.

We strictly adhere to the Department of Defense Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) and the standards located therein. There is no better source of common, wellengineered sequences outside of ASHRAE itself.

Our field level controllers are designed to run without the server/network manager. Each controller has two computerchips on board (one for communications and the other for calculations and pre-set sequence of operations libraries). If the communication goes down, each controller holds its own schedules and configuration and continues to run its equipment and will report its status when the network comes back up.
We do the engineering so you do not have to. You tell us what type of controller you need (for instance, to runVariable Air Volume (VAV) boxes that are attached to Air-Handling Units (AHUs), and how many you need and the application (an office, for example). With that information, we provide you a kit that comes prepared with a sequence of operations for your configuration and with controllers and a “front end” that have already been addressed and tested for communications with each other. When you start your server, you also see the graphics that have been pre-loaded for your site (you can customize them further if you wish…you do not need us for that since we show you how).

Have questions not answered here? Contact us today!

Questions? Contact us today.