Product Description

iA 8-Point Controller CiaB 24-Point Controller

Octant’s focus on ensuring the all commercial buildings get the benefit of modern, networked HVAC control systems means that we have a line of controllers specifically designed to control packaged units.

Our Unit Controllers work seamlessly with our Central Plant Controllers in a scalable manner both for consistency through many years of low-cost tenant improvements and for pricing.

Our DIN-rail mounted controllers feature 4-, 8-, 13- and 24-point configurations and are fused.  10 PID loops on every controller which are run by ARM chips.  High-resolution (16-bit) inputs for detailed control.  Digital outputs are Triacs which are rated at 1 amp and can source 24VAC or route external AC power.  Larger point capacity controllers have 20VDC output for powering peripheral devices.

All inputs and outputs are configurable in software.  The software configuration plug-in is a free tool for customers.

Made in the U.S.A.