Easy Street

So, you have a project and you need to understand exactly how to get the process of saving energy to save money started? Well, that is great news and we can tell you how this all happens.

Step 1: Fill out and send in the Project Questionnaire Sheet.  Filling out the Project Sheet gives us enough basic information to design a system for your needs. Please include your contact information because we may need to request drawings/specifications from you to complete the design!

Step 2: Place your order either directly from our online catalog via our secure portal or via phone.

Step 3: Unpack your box when it arrives, review your project-specific documents in the box and then review our quick video catalog (30 seconds to 1 minute per video) before following our steps to easy installation. If you have any questions at all, we are standing by to help.

Step 4: Impress your tenants and investors by going green both for the environment and your operational costs.