Klowd Builder_FINAL-01klowdBUILDER™ is the answer to a question most everyone in the building technology industry has asked:  How do we reduce the labor it takes to engineer a project?

Octant Innovations has partnered with klowdBUILDER.com to provide its revolutionary Software as a Service product that takes you through the process of engineering controllers of any manufacturer to drastically reduce the time it takes to produce high-quality, detailed, installation-ready submittals.

Simply set up your organization information, assign users and start engineering controllers.

Start your process right from the start with the Sales job walk which will culminate in an actual engineering submittal right away!  Gone are the many days of engineering time spent to get your project ready.

Sample Controls Submittal Cover SheetSample Controls Submittal Wiring DetailSample Controls Submittal Point Table, etc.

To sign up for your subscription to klowdBUILDER™, we redirect you to the ordering page for their website here.