inetAutomation IconinetAUTOMATION™ has been deployed since 1997 and its first installations are still running and up to date today. The technology is robust, completely open (our configuration tools are not just freely available, they are in fact free) and simple to deploy.

Octant’s inetAUTOMATION™ sets the standard for high-quality USA and Canada-made products and software.

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inetAUTOMATION™ features industry leading fully programmable, multi-protocol central plant controllers with on-board real time clock, self-contained programmability, scheduling, alarms, trending and graphics.  When you order from Octant, you can be sure that what you receive is:

Easy to Install
Easily Configurable
Low Cost

Each order includes data sheets, wiring diagrams and installation instructions, server start-up and configuration, hardware configuration, videos and technical support.

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