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With climate change comes the necessity for us to change how we produce our food and how we produce certain natural medicines. Places that were once fertile are becoming arid. Places that were once viable lowlands are slowly being submerged.

At Octant Innovations, we feel that growing food and natural medicine will increasingly happen in climate-controlled spaces and in more human-scale facilities. Individuals and communities will be able to do this if it can be done cost-effectively since the large family farms are increasingly rare and that trend will continue.

Controlling the indoor environment to maximize both quality and yield while keeping operating costs down is important for us to continue to be able to bring our food and medicines from the grow site to the table or dispensary.

Everything from lighting and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and irrigation must be controlled and scheduled to maximize yields. Our solutions allow you to do this from a secure, central location that you can remotely access from anywhere that has internet access.

Gone are the days when the grower only knew what was going on at the grow site by going there or getting a phone call.  Do you want to know whether the air conditioning unit is actually running instead of just being scheduled to run?  Do you want to know how humid the flower room is and which dehumidifier is actually running?  The remote cameras can tell you that the lights are on, but are they correctly scheduled to be on?  The Indoor Horticulture Solution keeps you up to date wherever you are.

View this case study: Portland Case Study

Because the Lead Grower of the Portland facility (referenced in the case study above) chose to reduce his energy signature by automating, he is able to market to his customers that he is a Sustainable Grower and use our stamp on his products.

Sustainable Grower              Sustainable Grower-Food

The era of indoor horticulture is upon us and at Octant we stand ready to provide our technology to this vital industry.

Currently, we have the Grow Facility Controls product, which is targeted at legal marijuana grows.  We are also finishing up our Vital GreenHouse Controls product that will focus on food production.

The Indoor Horticulture Solution comes pre-configured according to your needs before shipping to your site.  As always, installation is simple and well-documented.

Please click for the Indoor Horticulture Solution QuestionnaireSimply download the form and fill it out completely.  Follow the instructions on the form itself to email it back to us.  Your privacy is foremost in our minds and we assure you that your information stays secure with us.

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