Impressive villa close upToday, much of what counts as smart homes are large luxury residences.  The adoption of technology in the home is starting to change that and we see more and more home owners looking for greener solutions for their homes.

Some “whole home” automation systems take control of HVAC units in smart homes.  However, they rarely address the central plants that must provide hot or cold water to make the HVAC units work.

The smart home central plant has become sophisticated and many are now based on very green ground-source heat pump/boiler or variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems.  This is where Octant’s solutions shine.

Octant’s HVAC controls are tailor-made to work with home automation systems to ensure that all mechanical systems required to heat, cool and ventilate a home are coordinated for maximum occupant comfort, safety and efficiency.

inetAUTOMATION™ is specified in more and more residences by HVAC contractors who require sophisticated central plant control for smart homes.