AHU Controller Drawing-1_001 AHU Controller Drawing-1_002Even the best technology is of limited use if it is not easy to install. At Octant, part of why we do what we do is to show everyone that building automation really is not rocket science. The technology around DDC, EMCS, BAS (whichever term you prefer) is just digital inputs and outputs and analog inputs and outputs. When you connect fan motors, damper and valve actuators and sensors to those inputs and outputs on a controller, the job is already half done (please see our section on “Customer Configurable™” for the last half of the job).

So, exactly how does Octant make your installation easy?

We deliver with every kit we ship detailed and color-coded drawings with terminations and tell you the wire you should use with each (we can also supply that wire with your kit if you wish).

We also include tips and tricks and FAQs when it comes to building automation installation.

With all of this information, your chosen low-voltage wiring specialist can get your controls installed quickly and completely.