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Controls-In-A-Box is Octant’s pre-packaged, yet expandable line of low-cost HVAC control systems sold exclusively through distributors.

At Octant, we believe that every building operator should have as much control as possible over energy consumption. Therefore, with Octant’s “Controls-in-a Box” line of pre-assembled and pre-tested  HVAC control systems,  contractors can offer their commercial building customers a simple and economical way to reduce their operating costs by reducing their energy consumption.

All systems ship with an easy to use, industrial-grade, web-enabled, multi-protocol “Front End” called klowdVUE™ that has installed graphics libraries and multiple communication protocols.

Getting started is simple: Fill out the HVAC Controls Project Questionnaire so we know what you have and can determine what you need and give you a quote, review your quote and place your order, receive your kit, review the detailed instructions and short videos, install, power up and look at your pre-loaded graphics!

Controls-In-A-Box means:

Easy to Install
Easy to Configure

Each system includes data sheets, wiring diagrams and easy installation instructions, server start-up instructions, hardware configuration, short how-to videos and technical support. This is literally ALL you need to get the facilities you service under control or use our energy-saving features.

To start the process, simply click for HVAC Controls Project Questionnaire download it, be sure to fill it out completely and then follow the instructions to email it back to us.  You have no obligation to buy! We will get back to you shortly with more information and perhaps a few more questions, but more importantly a ready-made package.

For data sheets, please register on the Customer Log-in tab.