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MonitorToday, when one places an order for HVAC equipment, it comes neatly packaged by the manufacturer with on board controls in many cases. Most all manufacturers also include no-cost building automation communication language options as well with each piece of equipment.

Octant’s “Controls-in-a Box” provides you with the ability to connect these packaged units with a web-enabled “Front End” so that you can get real information from your packaged units and tie them to a centralized monitor that you can actually use to control your building and monitor your energy usage.

Additionally, you get the ability to control the central plant that provides these units with hot or cold water.

We make our equipment ready for non-experts. You choose your package and place your order and your pre-configured Octant package arrives with instructions for installation and set-up based on the project-specific questionnaire that you fill out and return to us.

The mechanical contractor installing your packaged equipment can easily install our Controls-in-a-Box solution. There is no need to hire any additional controls contractor for your system.

Additionally, you do not need expensive service contracts for “Software and Firmware” upgrades and other tweaks to your building automation system.