Technology has changed the way we live in many ways. How consumers digest information, communicate with friends and family, and even invest are all changing thanks to new technologies. Even building automation is being transformed by what’s quickly becoming known as the Internet of Things; or simply, IoT. Today, we’ll talk about what the Internet of Things is, how it’s reshaping the world of building automation, and the benefits it provides to the end consumer.

What Is IoT?

The Internet of Things or IoT is essentially an entire ecosystem of connected devices. Does your cell phone access the internet? How about your computer, your T.V., your watch or iPad? When you really sit and think of it, IoT has been building for quite some time now; and thanks to new and emerging technologies, all of these devices can be interconnected. Thus, creating links between devices much like links between websites; and ultimately giving birth to what we now know as the Internet of Things.

How IoT Is Reshaping Building Automation

Building automation is incredible in its own respect; however, in a world with the Internet of Things it becomes even better. These days, users have the ability to control entire systems within their building through automation; and if you want to reconfigure the system in any way, it can be done with just about any connected device. This means that thanks to state of the art building automation systems, users have the ability to control their buildings without ever stepping foot in the door!

What Benefits Are Provided By Building Automation?

Building automation provides several benefits that all boil down to efficiency…

  • Lower Energy Cost – Building automation systems are designed to control essential building functions at a very efficient level. This means that with building automation, the HVAC units only run when it is necessary, lights turn on and off automatically, and ventilation is controlled to improve environmental conditions in the building. All in all, this results in low overall energy costs associated with running the building.
  • Longer Equipment Lifespan – Everything on this planet and in your building has a lifespan. From light bulbs to hinges and HVAC units, at some point, everything will need to be replaced. By controlling these systems more efficiently, hardware is not overworked; ultimately leading to a longer lifespan for the integral equipment that keeps buildings running smoothly.
  • Higher Efficiency Among Occupants – When occupants are comfortable, consumers spend more and workers work more efficiently; these are proven facts. As mentioned above, building automation systems control environmental conditions within the building; from lighting to temperature, ventilation, and more. Ultimately, by efficiently controlling every environmental aspect of a building, the owner has the ability to make sure that occupants are comfortable at all times.
  • Control Your Building From Anywhere – Finally, because of the technology that has created IoT, building owners have the ability to control their building automation systems from anywhere. All they need to do is access any internet capable device and they’ll have the ability to take care of whatever is needed.

Are You Interested In Building Automation?

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