Who Benefits From Building Automation?

Building automation is beneficial to both building owners and occupants. For building owners, automation helps to reduce the cost of equipment maintenance as well as reduce energy costs. For occupants, building automation helps to make the building more comfortable. Through controlled HVAC, ventilation, and more a comfortable atmosphere is automatically created.

Who Installs Building Automation?

In the home and in smaller applications, building automation can be installed by the end consumer. However, this isn’t the most common way it’s done. Instead, building owners generally work with a contractor for the installation of building automation systems.

How Much Money Does Building Automation Cost?

As with just about any other product, the cost of building automation can vary wildly. The reality is that the cost all boils down to the type of equipment you choose and the functions you need the equipment to be capable of carrying out. With that said, in new construction, building automation generally works out to be between 1% and 2% of the overall cost of the project.

What Is The Return on Investment Involved In Building Automation?

This is another question with an answer that can vary. Ultimately, the return on investment you’ll realize is directly correlated to the energy and maintenance costs of the systems your building automation is designed to control.

Do I Need To Be An Engineer To Operate A Building Automation System?

Not at all. Once building automation systems are installed, they essentially run themselves. However, when changes need to be made, a simple user interface makes the changes incredibly easy to make.

Where Does Octant Innovations Provide Building Automation?

We currently offer building automation services in the United States as well as in Asia.

Does Octant Innovations Provide Maintenance Services For Building Automation?

Building automation systems generally maintain themselves; therefore, regular maintenance isn’t required. However, Octant innovations does provide updates as well as system enhancements to their customers.

What Makes Octant Innovations Unique?

Unlike our competitors, Octant Innovations’ building automation systems are factory engineered. This means that by the time your building automation system reaches you, you can rest assured that it has been control configured and tested in our factory to ensure ease of use and system efficiency. Also, we have ensured that our products and services are priced competitively, without reducing the quality of product or quality of service our customers receive.