Building Automation & IoT

Technology has changed the way we live in many ways. How consumers digest information, communicate with friends and family, and even invest are all changing thanks to new technologies. Even building automation is being transformed by what’s quickly becoming known as the Internet of Things; or simply, IoT. Today, we’ll talk about what the Internet […]

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The Benefits Of Building Automation For Indoor Farmers

Indoor horticulture is a booming industry. The reality is that the fruiting tree, vegetable plant, and a variety of other crops only grow in specific climates. Therefore, indoor farms have been designed to meet the demand for these crops without the high cost of shipping or lack in quality that comes from the time delay […]

Building Automation Frequently Asked Questions

Who Benefits From Building Automation?

Building automation is beneficial to both building owners and occupants. For building owners, automation helps to reduce the cost of equipment maintenance as well as reduce energy costs. For occupants, building automation helps to make the building more comfortable. Through controlled HVAC, ventilation, and more a comfortable atmosphere is automatically created.

Who […]

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Smart Building Demand Is On The Rise

Have you heard the term “Smart Building” yet? If not, get used to the sound because the concept is becoming more and more popular! Smart buildings are buildings that are run through building automation systems. As a matter of fact, spending on smart building technology is expect to tripple by 2018. Today, we’ll talk a […]

What Is Building Automation?

Building automation is a simple solution to one of the most pressing problems small to medium sized business owners as well as commercial building owners alike face. The problem is energy costs. The reality is that energy costs may be one of the largest expenses you have as a business. However, this expense doesn’t have […]

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What is an Octant?

An Octant is a measuring instrument used primarily in navigation. The name “octant” derives from the Latin “octans” meaning eighth part of a circle, because the instrument’s arc is one eighth of a circle. It is a type of reflecting instrument.

Two men independently developed the octant around 1730: John Hadley (1682–1744), an English mathematician, and Thomas Godfrey (1704–1749), a glazier in Philadelphia. While both have a legitimate and equal […]

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Does Protocol Matter?

by Maury Costantini

Tukwila, WA

The evolution of “open” protocol communication networks in the commercial building automation industry is vastly misunderstood. The purpose of open protocol is to bring consumer choice and make equipment interoperable. The reality is proprietary programming tools, modifications to protocol standards and geographic distribution restrictions have prevented consumer choice. To date, open protocols […]

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