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There is a strong trend amongst contractors to self-perform HVAC and lighting controls. With the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) re-making the building automation landscape, Octant technologies demonstrate why there is no need to fear automation. There is no need for “black boxes.” Automation is not rocket science. You have the capability in-house to self-perform this more and more important aspect of the typical commercial structure.Best Practices
Octant not only shows you a simple, effective and complete way to install controls and provides you with the ready equipment you need, we also show you how to build a very profitable building automation business. We sit down with your controls team (if you do not already have one, we will help you build one) to discover the extent of your local market, leverage our existing installed base for example installations and give you the tools you need to develop deep, long-term relationships with your service customers. Improve your margins and your self-reliance in partnership with Octant.

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