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Affordable HVAC Automation in Seattle

Octant simplifies HVAC automation. A vital part of simplification is your ability to easily procure HVAC controls. The typical way our industry works is for you to have to subcontract to a controls vendor if you are building a new building or working on a tenant improvement project. That is because controls are installed by the controls sub in a way that makes it overly complicated and custom every time. Octant’s approach changes everything. We empower you to remain in control of your process, your time and your costs.

No matter what your needs are, we offer you the safest way out of the traditional building automation maze.

Retrofit? That's What We Do Best

We know that if your system for HVAC automation in Seattle was installed between 2001 and 2016, it may be time for some changes. After all, that really expensive service contract for software licensing may be something you elected to avoid. Or maybe you are being told that you must "rip and replace" a legacy system. Call us first at 888-789-5395 for a free estimate for what it will take to extend the life of your existing system while preparing you for tomorrow.

Sophistication Meets Simplicity

The Octant factory-engineered approach allows those without much controls experience to get quality projects installed and running in about 30% of the time it would take with a "traditional" HVAC integrator. Our inetAUTOMATION™ line offers the sophistication you need along with the simplicity you want. We also offer remote factory start-up to save time and money.

HVAC controls in Seattle


Octant’s inetAUTOMATION™ sets the standard for high-quality USA and Canada-made products and software.

Easy to Install. Easily Configurable. Secure. Low Cost.

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Why is Building Automation Necessary?

Consulting engineers design HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems to be able to handle extreme conditions. Because of this, HVAC control is indispensable for keeping the indoor environment stable. Without controls, each and every built space supplied by an HVAC system would either overheat or over-cool on a constant basis. Overheating or over-cooling has obvious detrimental effects on the following:

Healthy and Safety

Cold air and icy floors pose real safety risks.

Human Comfort

No one wants to be roasting in a conference room in January.

Products & Equipment

Appliances, products and equipment depend on HVAC controls to work properly.

Energy Consumption

Out-of-control energy consumption only benefits utility companies and harms the planet.

Solutions for Commercial Buildings

The majority of small and medium-sized commercial buildings do not have modern HVAC control systems installed. The primary reason for this has been the cost to get the controls designed and installed.

Octant Innovations specializes in controlling the packaged units that occupy so many rooftops of commercial buildings.

If you are an HVAC contractor servicing commercial buildings of less than 100,000 sq. ft. of interior space, our solutions are perfect for your needs.

Solutions for High-End Residences

More and more high-end residences are looking for greener solutions for their homes. This is where Octant’s solutions shine.

Octant’s HVAC controls are tailor-made to work with home automation systems to ensure that all mechanical systems required to heat, cool and ventilate a home are coordinated for maximum occupant comfort, safety and efficiency.

inetAUTOMATION™ is specified in more and
more residences by HVAC contractors who require sophisticated central plant control for smart homes.


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